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4G/5G Private Networking

New Choices for IoT Deployment

As IoT has moved from ‘nice-to-have’ to an essential part of enterprise operations, 4G/5G private networking is now the biggest new opportunity for IoT deployment within the enterprise.

This report is free to download and is essential reading for anyone looking to deploy 4G/5G private networking as part of an IoT solution in their organization.

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This 100+ page independent analyst report is the latest addition to Beecham Research’s popular ‘Succeed with IoT’ series. It examines key issues crucial to making the right choices in deploying 4G/5G private networking including:

  • What are the 15 key sectors where private networking now offers significant operational benefits and competitive advantage?
  • The private network spectrum options now available include: fully licensed, unlicensed, shared and locally licensed. Which option is best for your particular IoT deployment?
  • What are the pros and cons of using cellular in licensed and unlicensed bands?
  • What are the key learnings from CBRS band 48 launch in the USA?
  • How significant is 5G NR-U and where can it be used?
  • When should cellular be considered compared with Wi-Fi?
  • What are the security implications of private networks?
  • To what extent is edge computing relevant for private networks?
  • What are the key technology trends that will impact on private network deployments over the next few years?

Gain unique insights from industry peers deploying 5G private networking through many new expert interviews and a user survey. Understand the role 5G private networks are playing in businesses, the challenges this is meeting, the business outcomes being seen and future trends being anticipated.

Access Peer Insights

What are the main drivers behind use of Mobile Private Networks?

They come from the mission-critical requirements of businesses, which are very much IoT related. We are seeing more and more IoT cellular devices in factories operating in 4G and 5G networks. Covid has created new opportunities such as remote working. The transport and logistics sectors have been earlier adopters; they want to monitor high value goods and see where they are losing money. In the oil and gas industry companies predict deployments of IoT maintenance solutions that can fix issues in about four minutes. Four years ago, it took a week to get the engineers on site.

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business development.
International core network developer

The need for connectivity is greater than ever. Mobile private networks will increase quality of services in Industrial IoT sectors and minimise Wi-Fi interference issues. We are seeing demand for more automation across the manufacturing and warehousing sectors. Typical use cases are remote control of production lines with automated carts, robots, connected screwdrivers etc. In general the pandemic has accelerated the need for more automation and flexible manufacturing. 5G networks, using either licenced or unlicensed spectrum, look set to accelerate the deployment of massive IoT systems.

Senior Director, Technical Account Management.
Top 10 US-based wireless comms business

Many companies are deploying private networks to gain sovereignty in their operations, i.e., secure sensitive data. They are embracing private networks to increase security by employing a closed environment. The primary objective is to have a dedicated, isolated, protected, and secure communication system for their data needs.

Co-founder & Executive Advisor.
International data solutions provider

A key driver for our enterprise customers is the need to address Wi-Fi’s limitations. Mobile private network benefits versus Wi-Fi are better performance, increased reliability, and enhanced security. AI enabled computer applications require industrial private networks. Private LTE networks deployed in ports are being used to lower CO2 emissions, make them more efficiently, identify trucks arrivals, and verify containers using camera systems.

SVP & Co-founder.
Fast-growing independent network operator

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